Rural Colours, hibernate’s little sister label started out in 2010 with the aim to release smaller runs and be a little more experimental than hibernate. So far there have been various phases to the label:

Phase one: Rural Colours started out as a subscription label. Fans signed up and paid a small monthly fee and they received each month 3 3″ CDrs in handmade covers all kept in a handmade pouch. The very first selection only had 10 subscribers. By the end of this phase and 39 releases later there were 70 subscribers which became a lot of work for one person and so the phase ended.

Phase two: Continuing with the handmade 3″ CDrs, we released several critically acclaimed and now very rare and collectible individual EPs from the likes of offthesky, Anna Rose Carter, Shaula, Darren McLure and Spheruleus.

Phase three: We begin making full album CD and not CDr. This period saw us release some fantastic albums from the likes of Wil Bolton, Chihei Hatakeyama, Two People in a Room and Hakobune to name a few.

Phase four: Somewhere we read that by releasing vinyl you become a fully fledged and established record label. It’s not true but we did release some vinyl which quickly sold out. These were split 12″‘s with Isnaj Dui / The Declining Winter and The Sly and Unseen / Caught In The Wake Forever.

Phase five: With Katie English on board doing all our artwork, throughout this period we released many 3″ EPs and albums which can all be seen and downloaded from our Bandcamp.

Phase six: Rural Colours has just entered a new stage releasing super limited edition lathe cut vinyl, basically made to order. Let’s see what happens.

Our Bandcamp